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The Equipment our Cleaners are Using

Have you ever stopped to ask your office cleaners when the last time they switched out their mop was, or when the last time they did a thorough cleanout of their vacuum (including filters) was? No matter your location, be it Hamilton, Burlington or Niagara Falls, these questions are important because if your office cleaners are not using clean, safe, and appropriate equipment to clean your facilities, they really may as well not be cleaning it at all. Okay, okay, I know this sounds a bit drastic, but just think about it! If your office janitor is using an old vacuum with a dirty filter and frayed cord, this could potentially be a fire hazard, not to mention all the allergens that would be sent into the air each time it was used. And mopping with a filthy, old mop, that is basically just spreading existing dirt around on the floor, is, lets face it, not helping. I’m just painting a picture for you, going on the extreme side of things, but in all seriousness, your office cleaners should be doing an equipment check each time they clean your facility and looking for any equipment that needs to be replaced or cleaned in order to provide you with the level of cleanliness your office deserves. Now that you’ve had a laugh, or cry, don’t forget to ask your cleaners the next time you see or talk to them, when the last time was that they did an equipment check or had their equipment replaced. You won’t be sorry you did, as you deserve to have a clean, dust free space to conduct business. Stay tuned for a blog next month on using natural, toxic free cleaners for your office.