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About Arelli Cleaning - Office/Commercial Cleaning Vaughan, Greater Toronto Area

About Arelli Cleaning — Our Cleaning Mission

“Be the best in whatever you decide to do;  whether you are an astronaut, a doctor, an engineer, or if one day, you decide to be a cleaner.

This is the advice our management team grew up with. It turned out that we became cleaners and decided to be the best Commercial and Office cleaning company!

To do so, we prioritized Respect for People, Constant Improvement, and the Golden Rule as our guidelines.

Plain and simple.

We strive to look for people who are looking to do the same thing, because ultimately, it makes managing our business simpler and having happy clients, whether it’s cleaning your facility or providing you with the supplies you need.

We maintain a flat organization so that everybody realizes how their contributions affect our customers and their bottom lines. This way everybody knows and takes responsibility for their scope of work. Whether it’s a crew member, customer service staff, sales, operations, or even our accounting staff, we all have a stake in the company’s success and it shows in our relationships with our customers.

Do we make mistakes? Yes we do.

But, we learn, make sure it couldn’t happen again and share our experiences with the team.

People are the core of our business. We continually look for people who know commercial cleaning, and enjoy doing it.

We are Arelli and we would like to have you as part of our story.

We believe in human potential. Please consider to help those who try:

  1. KIVA lends your money to people in developing countries who want to start a business and don’t have the capital. These people will repay your money and KIVA charges a small fee.
  2. SOS Children’s Village is a beacon of hope for kids who want to make a difference.

Kiva: Loans that change lives

SOS Children's Villages Canada | A loving home for every child

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