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Join the Arelli Family

Getting Started As Part Of The Arelli Team

The process of joining the Arelli family starts with registration.

From there we conduct a phone interview, perform reference checks, set up a personal interview, collect documents, and then you are ready for work!

We will then contact you with contract offers based on your location and availability.

If you are already registered as a business,

click here to sign up for Arelli.

Important Notes

1- If you don’t have a registered business, you should get one.
Arelli requires that all crew members have a valid business license. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BUSINESS REGISTERED.

2- We Call Your References First
It’s important that your references respond to our calls – because before we call you, we try to contact them. Please make sure the references are people who know you not through family relationships, but can talk about you and your cleaning experience.

3- Wait for your Phone Interview
We review all applications. It’s important to know that having cleaning experience and being able to drive are very important factors in our decision to take your application into consideration.

4- In Person Interview
Once we talk to you over the phone, we decide on whether another round of personal interview is required. You can schedule an appointment for the interview and sign a general agreement for work.

5- Submit Your Business Registration and Police Background Check
You can start the process once you have an appointment with us. Note that you can provide us with these documents at the interview stage or after that. Please understand that we cannot proceed without these two documents. If you don’t have a business registration, please see step 2 on how to get one.

How to Get a background check

Arelli requires all crew members to complete a Criminal Background Check. To do so you can:

a) Physically go to your local Police station and request one. Based on your location, the response time may vary and take up to several business days.

b) Utilize any Police department’s website to get it on line. Based on your location, the time to get a response varies by location. For example, you can use TORONTO POLICE’S WEBSITE FOR BACKGROUND CHECKS BY CLICKING HERE.

c) Use an online service such as MyBackCheck and get it in one business day. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MYBACKCHECK’S WEBSITE .

Once you have yours handy, call the office so we can move you to the next stage.

Determine your WSIB Status
Arelli ensures that all crew members work in a safe environment, and as such we ask that all team members to determine their Workplace Safety Insurance Board Status and always keep Arelli up to date. Please read the following items carefully:

  • If you are working for more than one employer, you may be Independent Contractor. Read the WSIB Operational Manual for Independent Contractors and fill out the Independent Contractor Form. You may be eligible for this category.
  • If you hire at least 1 other worker who is not an owner of the corporation or business, then you must register as a WSIB Account Holder. Please follow the instructions and go through WSIB Registration.
  • If you are ineligible for any of the above two options, then please contact your Arelli account representative for more information.

WHMIS Certification
Arelli requires crew members to have WHMIS certification to be able to professionally handle cleaning chemicals. You may be asked to obtain a WHIMS certification. To do so,  obtain your WHMIS Certification here.