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How we make sure our cleaning is good, every time.

Ever had a company that comes in, does a great job, gets your contract, and then drops the ball when it comes to consistently giving your facility the cleaning it deserves? It’s a horrible feeling, and it takes advantage of your trust. That’s why we at Arelli make sure that that doesn’t happen. It’s one thing to say something like that, and it’s another thing to deliver. Which is why we’ve set up a standardized process to keep your facility looking like it should, without a drop off on our side of the service.

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1. Sample cleaning.

  1. We ask you for an appropriate time
  2. We find an experienced cleaning crew in your area
  3. We make sure an experienced field manager is there to do it
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2. Follow-up.

  1. We call you to check up and see how we did
  2. If you’re satisfied, we’ll handle the start of services
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3. Service starts.

  1. Your cleaning crew is trained to suit your facility on the first day
  2. A field manager accompanies your cleaning crew and assists with the Arelli Initial Clean
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4. Quality Control.

  1. We make sure that feedback gets properly communicated to your cleaning crew
  2. Regular, on-site quality checks by field managers ensure consistent quality
  3. Periodic phone checks to see how we’re doing

Free, no-strings-attached sample cleaning.

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