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Arelli On Cleaning

Spring Cleaning in the GTA May 22, 2018

Well, the weather is finally warming up, and hopefully we are over any snow (or ice!) storms for the season! With the warm weather, your office cleaners will be cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! Mud being tracked on to floors from the soft, wet ground this season, means more mopping and washing. Blinds being opened… continue reading.

Top Five Reasons to Outsource Cleaning Services April 27, 2018

Your employees, staff and management can focus on each of their individual jobs and tasks with renewed vigour and concentration: If they are not having to worry about cleaning the facility but can leave that up to qualified, trained, office cleaners, then they can provide you with a better quality of work. Your office will… continue reading.

Cleaning Fans and Light Fixtures April 26, 2018

You know that moment when you climb up on a chair in your kitchen to change a light bulb in your overhead fan and you see the top of the fan blades for the first time in who knows how long, and you notice the nasty buildup of dirt and grime on top! You shudder… continue reading.

The Importance of Using Soap April 19, 2018

This might seem like a redundant subject, but it truly has importance and meaning to it! According to an article written by Sara Spary in the Telegraph (article cited below), antibacterial wipes or even sprays are much less effective at eradicating germs than plain old soap! This is something to consider when hiring office cleaners… continue reading.

Office Cleaning in Vaughan and Brampton April 4, 2018

Although professional office cleaning is the same wherever you go and standards should never decrease no matter where your office is, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing office cleaners for Brampton and Vaughan and surrounding areas. These areas are growing rapidly and have some of the highest and wealthiest clientele… continue reading.

Five Things to Look For When Your Office Cleaners are Done for the Day March 27, 2018

  Dust or dirt in the corners of the room and by the baseboards. This is an area that can get overlooked often, and if your office cleaners are making sure even the corners are cleaned every time, you can trust that they are cleaning your facility with care and attention and providing you with… continue reading.