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Arelli On Cleaning

The Importance of a Clutter Free Desk January 12, 2018

Making sure your office cleaners are providing your workplace with clutter free stations is very important to the attitude and morale of all associates and employees. Your keyboards, computers and telephones should be wiped free of any dust, along with the surface of the desk itself. Making sure your office cleaners are providing your facility… continue reading.

Office Cleaning and Fire hazards in the Workplace December 20, 2017

Clutter is known to increase risks for fire related episodes as per the online work safety resource Safety Xchange. Paper, cardboards and packaging material that are thrown in the garbage can catch on fire if sparked by an exposed electrical wire or other sources of heat that may happen in the workplace. For example, if… continue reading.

Office Cleaning & How People Relate it to Professionalism December 18, 2017

Having a clean office is a crucial factor to exhibiting professionalism of any organization. Having appropriate office cleaning and a great janitorial service could be reflective of management’s approach to business too. If you have a clean office and everything is organized and in place, it could highlight the difference between a thriving and growing… continue reading.

The Importance of Dusting Your office in Brampton November 23, 2017

Dusting is such an important part of office cleaning and your office cleaners should be on top of it. Dust particles create problems in the air if they are not taken care of and can make allergies flare up and even cause allergies if the dusting is overlooked by your office cleaners for a length… continue reading.

Cleaning for the Holidays in Milton November 20, 2017

The holidays are coming up, and this means more traffic through the workplace for many offices. Making sure your facility is cleaned and that your office janitors are providing the quality of care and attention that you and your employees deserve is even more important around this time of year. A lot of times, people… continue reading.

A Clean Office Means Healthy Employees November 13, 2017

Having a clean office is so important for the general happiness and mood of the employees and clients you deal with on a daily basis. However, this is not the only reason to have good office cleaners. Another significant reason to make sure your office cleaners provide you with the highest quality of cleaning is… continue reading.