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Top 10 Ways to Reduce Cleaning Cost at Your Facility January 17, 2019

Budgeting cleaning cost is desirable to limit the operational expense. While most people focus their attention on reducing labor expenditure, curtailing the cost of cleaning supplies is another significant way of reducing cleaning costs. Here are some practical and easy to implement tips on keeping commercial cleaning costs under the limit. 1) Do Not Buy… continue reading.

Go Green When Hiring Office Cleaning Service December 28, 2018

Why Corporates are Choosing Green Cleaning Simple cleaning is not enough these days. The emphasis today is on adopting green cleaning methodologies. Green cleaning means your cleaning efforts while being effective in your target area will not harm the environment. Sustainable cleaning is being adopted by reputed janitorial service providers and is being gladly adopted… continue reading.

Why Office Cleaning Needs to Become More Robust and Frequent During Winters? December 18, 2018

Winter means snow and also the onset of flu season for most people in Canada. The task of keeping your office hygienically clean becomes a daunting one in this season. The rock salt that is liberally sprinkled on roads to cut through ice and snow and to prevent instances of sliding, hangs on the boots… continue reading.

6 Ways Your Workplace Benefits from Commercial Cleaning November 27, 2018

If you run a small business you may feel you feel that commercial cleaning is an unnecessary expense and your company would benefit more without it. On the contrary, professional office cleaning helps you save more money as apart from keeping the office clean, it helps improve employee productivity and also business profits. Here we… continue reading.

Keep your Staff Safe from Flu and Other Infections with Professional Office Cleaning November 23, 2018

Flu and infections are inevitable; as an employer, finding suitable strategies to avoid or minimize them will go a long way in enhancing the productivity of the company and of the industry overall. One employee falling ill often translates to a bunch of others contracting the infection and a pile of sick leave applications as… continue reading.

Enjoy Effective Janitorial Services in Mississauga August 14, 2018

Each entrepreneur and business owner realizes that having the right janitorial service is fundamental to the prosperity of their organization. A spotless, crisp appearance is additionally welcoming for clients, which enables a business to hold and increment its heap of customers. Offices that are cleaned by qualified office cleaning services appear more alluring to forthcoming… continue reading.