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Arelli On Cleaning

How Often Should You Service Commercial Cleaning Equipment in the Greater Toronto Area March 19, 2018

Professional cleaning equipment for office cleaners should be inspected and consumables replaced frequently to ensure that your office is being cleaned properly and efficiently by your office cleaners. Depending on how often your facility receives office cleaning, it should be a regular habit to inspect each piece of commercial cleaning equipment being used at least… continue reading.

Top Ten Reasons To Have Office Cleaners March 8, 2018

1. General boost of morale in all office staff. When the facility is being properly taken care of, the attitude of those in the office can improve drastically. 2. Health and well being. When your office cleaners are taking care of the dust buildup, this improves the quality of air in the office and means… continue reading.

Dusting Your Office Ceilings   February 26, 2018

  Dusting your office is one of the most important things your office cleaners do, and the ceiling is no exception. It may seem like a silly place to dust, but we all know even from our own homes, those little dust particles that attach to the ceiling are a nuisance and something that is… continue reading.

Washing The Window Blinds In Your Office Space February 13, 2018

The window blinds in your office space are a major source of dirt and dust buildup. They are not something that is generally thought of when you are referring to cleaning an office space, or any space for that matter, but they are just as important as any other area to clean. If you have… continue reading.

The Positive Effects of Having Plants in Your Office January 26, 2018

Having plants in your office is something that has so many positive effects that many people are unaware of. They can reduce stress and sickness in your employees and cause you to be healthier and happier. The air becomes cleaner when plants are placed around the office by causing there to be less dust in… continue reading.

Correlation Between Enjoying Office Cleaning and Doing the Job Well January 18, 2018

Enjoying the work you do is very closely related to how well you perform the job. This simple fact is underestimated so often and not taken seriously enough. When you are choosing the right office cleaners for your facility, there are certain things you can watch for that will tell you if this is something… continue reading.