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Arelli On Cleaning

Cleaning for the Holidays in Milton November 20, 2017

The holidays are coming up, and this means more traffic through the workplace for many offices. Making sure your facility is cleaned and that your office janitors are providing the quality of care and attention that you and your employees deserve is even more important around this time of year. A lot of times, people… continue reading.

A Clean Office Means Healthy Employees November 13, 2017

Having a clean office is so important for the general happiness and mood of the employees and clients you deal with on a daily basis. However, this is not the only reason to have good office cleaners. Another significant reason to make sure your office cleaners provide you with the highest quality of cleaning is… continue reading.

Why Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Every Year? October 19, 2017

Getting commercial carpet cleaning for the carpets in your office or facility cleaned on an annual basis is very important for the overall morale and health of your employees and coworkers. Carpets can be host to all kinds of germs and bacteria that can cause allergies to flare up and even colds and other illnesses… continue reading.

Where should the Office Cleaners Place the Garbage in Toronto? October 15, 2017

Many offices and businesses in Toronto do not have garbage pick up and removal from the city. Some businesses choose to take the garbage home, others employ garbage removal services periodically which come at a cost. Some businesses store their garbage for weekly pick up. This may not be sanitary especially for schools and daycare.… continue reading.

Ten Steps to Make Sure Your Office is Clean October 12, 2017

  Keep desks clutter free by putting paperwork away via filing or shredding as it needs to be done, instead of letting it pile up and becoming a bigger job at a later date. Make sure vacuuming is done on a weekly basis as part of your commercial cleaning services. Office cleaning should include dusting… continue reading.

What is it Like to Have Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga? September 25, 2017

Having commercial office cleaners is such an important step to take for happier employees, coworkers and even clients. If you take the next step to find yourselves office cleaners to take on the cleaning of your commercial facility, you won’t regret it! In the hustle and bustle of a city like Mississauga, having good office… continue reading.