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Office Cleaning in Cambridge

Office cleaning involves much more than just a light dusting and a quick vacuum – office spaces have a diverse set of cleaning requirements to ensure all areas are properly cleaned. From entryways to kitchens, bathrooms, board rooms and desks, you need all aspects of your workspace to be safe, tidy and looking their best for optimal business and employee performance. To achieve this level of clean, you need a cleaning service who understands the impact a spotless office can have on your company’s success.

Our Office Cleaning Services

At Arelli, we offer a number options when it comes to office cleaning in Cambridge. Should you require weekly cleanings for your workspace, specialty floor cleaning services, pest control services or need cleaning supplies delivered to your office, our experienced cleaning team can take care of it all.

Each time we visit your office, our team will work hard to meet our high standard of clean. Should you require additional one-time cleanings or would like to schedule seasonal cleanings of various areas in your workspace, Arelli can accommodate your needs and design a custom cleaning schedule so your office always looks its best.

What Makes Arelli Different?

Arelli stands out from other office cleaning companies in Cambridge because we begin all of our jobs with a thorough deep clean. Our signature Arelli Deep Clean leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that your entire office space is completely clean. From there, our cleaning crews will work to maintain this level of cleanliness for your workspace.

Our transparent communication methods also set us apart from the rest. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their office cleaning in Cambridge. Therefore, we offer you a multitude of opportunities to provide us with feedback and raise any concerns. From site inspections to regular phone calls, to 24/7 support availability, Arelli will always work with you to ensure you are pleased with our cleaning services.

When you’re looking for office cleaning in Cambridge, most business owners are searching for a trustworthy, consistent cleaning crew with an eye for detail. At Arelli, we pride ourselves on our high standard of office cleaning, and promise that our customers receive a quality clean every time. 

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