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Communication With Your Cleaners

Communication is one of the key aspects of almost any business relationship, and honestly, any type of relationship at all. It is the basis of any problem solving that will be had and any resolutions to be made are so much easier if there is a solid foundation of communication established.
If there is ever an issue with your janitorial cleaners, and you have established this kind of communication, the problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently. And this runs both ways as well. If there is ever a question needing to be asked from the janitorial cleaners and there is communication to the client, the answer can be asked and answered in a timely matter so that the cleaning of your office or facility is done promptly and satisfactorily. This way, all parties are more than happy with the job performed.
Establishing that clear line of communication from office cleaner to office administrator to client is so important to resolve any little question that may come up and here at Arelli we take it very seriously and believe that office janitors can do a better job if the communication is there. A dust free desk and shiny, clean floors, not to mention the fully stocked bathroom and no toilet paper or paper towel shortages are just a few of the perks that come with good office cleaners, and communication is so important to achieve this. If you make sure to create this level of communication with all office cleaners to the cleaning company management and back to the client this makes sure the day to day tasks run smoothly, efficiently and with the best quality possible. We believe that with this level of communication, your office will be the cleanest around and, as a result, you and your staff will be able to perform to the best of your ability in a clean, clutter free environment.