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Cleaning Fans and Light Fixtures

You know that moment when you climb up on a chair in your kitchen to change a light bulb in your overhead fan and you see the top of the fan blades for the first time in who knows how long, and you notice the nasty buildup of dirt and grime on top! You shudder and get to scrubbing, which takes forever, because, lets face it, it’s not part of your weekly cleaning routine and who knows when you’ll get to it again?! The next time a light bulb burns out most likely..

This scenario is all too common and can most definitely be applied to the workplace as well! You want to make sure that your office cleaners are thinking of these hard to reach, not seen often, places, and cleaning accordingly. The air is so much cleaner when surfaces are clean and dust free. This includes those hard to reach, unseen places. Your office cleaners should be providing you with these types of services, and here, at Arelli cleaning, we make sure our office cleaners do. We believe that every person alike, deserves to be the healthiest and happiest they can be, and if our office cleaners can contribute to that, than all the better! Dust and dirt particles that collect on fan blades can be even worse that dust that collects on a stationary surface. Once you turn the fan on, tiny particles fly around the room, so small that you can’t even see them, and they can make the air quality bad enough to make you feel sick and make germs spread around to others in the office as well. You’re worth the extra few minutes it takes to clean these surfaces and areas that are so important, and you should demand no less of the office cleaners that you employ.