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How Office Cleanliness Improves Productivity

office-cleaning-torontoWhen it comes to making your office team more efficient, you might think it’s all about effective scheduling and assigning the right jobs to the right people. But what you may not have considered is that you can actually boost productivity by choosing the right cleaning services in Vaughan.

How do office cleaning services make your team more efficient? There are actually a number of ways a cleaner and tidier environment can achieve this. The first is by reducing the amount of surface and airborne contaminants that can trigger illnesses and allergies, leading to employees losing focus or calling in sick. Germs can hide anywhere from door handles to desktops, and computer keyboards have been shown to contain thousands of bacteria at any given time. Having office cleaning services in Vaughan that provide a thorough cleaning is therefore beneficial.

Secondly, studies have shown that having an indoor environment that’s cleaner and less cluttered can actually reduce stress. Having a chaotic office can actually raise levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, impacting your team’s ability to focus on their tasks. Also, by organizing documents and discarding ones that aren’t needed, it will take less time for employees to locate important information they need to complete a job.

The third way partnering with cleaning services in Vaughan can have a positive effect on productivity is by boosting employee morale. A study has shown that taking care of dirt and grime in the office can make raise satisfaction levels of staff, which in turn can make employees more productive. When you show your team that you care about the environment they work in, you might find they repay you with higher quality work that’s delivered on time.

There’s also a fourth way choosing office cleaning services can improve the output of your employees. Without a dedicated cleaning staff that tidies up your space on a set schedule, your employees may need to incorporate cleaning into their daily routine. This can take away time away from completing the tasks they were actually hired for. It could even create some resentment among employees for being asked to engage in activities outside of their job description.

Increased productivity can make a positive impact to your bottom line, which is a great reason to decide on office cleaning services in Vaughan. To find out more about the all of the benefits of choosing office cleaning services, contact Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

5 Benefits of Regular Office Cleaning

Commercial/Office Cleaning Vaughan - Vacuum CleanerWhen you’re running a business, the last thing on your mind should be sweeping, mopping, dusting and replenishing your bathroom supplies.

Office cleaning often gets put on the backburner when you have clients to meet with and deadlines to meet. However, there are at least five good reasons why you should consider getting your commercial office cleaning done regularly through reputable office cleaning companies.

1. Make a Better Impression on Customers

Just like people, appearances make a difference when it comes to making a positive first impression with your business. When clients see the way you maintain your facility as poorly done, they might assume the same about the products or service they will receive from you.

2. Cleaner Offices are Healthier Offices

Germs and allergens are hiding on surfaces and in the air, even when an office looks relatively clean at first glance. That puts your customers and clients at risk of contracting illnesses just by touching the wrong surfaces such as door handles. Commercial office cleaning that includes disinfecting surfaces is the best way to go to keep germs under control.

3. Save Money on Cleaning Equipment

If you decide to go in-house with your office cleaning, you not only have to pay a full-time salary but you also have to consider the costs of cleaning supplies and equipment as well as maintenance. With office cleaning companies you can decide how often you want cleaning depending on your budget and needs.

4. Better Employee Productivity

Your staff will more easily thrive in an environment that’s tidy (clutter has been shown to have negative effects on mental health), and they’ll be less distracted by unpleasant odours that can also trigger allergies. Keeping the office fresh and organized can help your employees focus on exceeding their goals.

5. Less Replacement of Carpeting and Furniture

Your company has likely invested significantly in carpeting and upholstered furniture for the office, but dirt and odours can bury themselves deep in the fabric without regular office cleaning. Maintaining carpets can ensure they don’t get stained beyond repair and require replacement, which is money that could be better spent elsewhere.

When you need professional commercial office cleaning, choose a company that has years of experience and a solid track record. Learn more about how Arelli Commercial Cleaning stands out from other office cleaning companies by visiting the website today.

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Cleaning Cost at Your Facility

Reduce Office Cleaning Cost

Budgeting cleaning cost is desirable to limit the operational expense. While most people focus their attention on reducing labor expenditure, curtailing the cost of cleaning supplies is another significant way of reducing cleaning costs. Here are some practical and easy to implement tips on keeping commercial cleaning costs under the limit.

1) Do Not Buy Products Off the Counter Just to Test Them

Swanky bottles dressed in flashy covers neatly arranged in super-markets are tempting for sure. But resist shopping them if you just want to test them out. If you really want to test them, request for a sample from the manufacturer or distributor, they will be happy lend you a free sample.

2) Buy Quality Products

Sourcing high-quality products, even if they are slightly expensive is a cost-effective proposition. Good products are more effective, last longer, and are easier to use.

3) Buy in Bulk

The five-gallon packs are usually sold at a steep discount. So, if you are sure of the quality of the product, it would be a good idea to buy them in bulk and save money.

4) Use the Products and Equipment Carefully

Train your cleaning staff to use the cleaning solutions only as required and handle the cleaning equipment carefully. When handled and stored carefully, your equipment will last longer and require less maintenance expense.

5) Utilize the Power of Green

Many researchers have found that green cleaning products are more effective and versatile. A single green cleaning product can efficiently handle the work of several traditional products. This means, when you use green cleaning products, you won’t have to stock up multiple products and hence you can save on costs. Also, green cleaning products are safer to use for the workers and also for the environment.

6) Use Central Bins

You can place central bins, instead of one at every desk. Emptying bins is a time-consuming task. So, by reducing the number of bins, you can save both time and money on your office cleaning.

7) Avoid Clutter and Reduce Waste

Encourage your employees to generate less waste, this helps the environment and makes cleaning so much easier. Also, request them to keep their desk organized so that the cleaners can perform their duties quickly, easily, and efficiently.

8) Have the Right Equipment

You can significantly enhance the quality of cleaning and also reduce the cleaning time by using appropriate cleaning equipment. Do not cut cost here as using old and dilapidated equipment will make the cleaners to work longer and harder, making your cleaning budget move northwards.

9) Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

Taking help of an experienced and reputed commercial cleaning service provider may seem to be an expensive idea at the outset, but it is, in fact, an economical one. Professional service companies have great experience in cleaning and maintaining office. They will keep your office sanitized and hygienically clean. Your workers will perform better as they can focus their attention on work and not bother about cleaning and will also fall less sick because of the hygienic atmosphere they receive in the office. Your office will look impressive and your clients and associates will feel good about working with you. Your business profitability will also grow as a result.

10) Limit Your Budget for Professional Cleaning

There are various ways you can limit your professional cleaning cost. For instance, you can specify the number of days in a week you want your office to be cleaned, the number of hours needed for your office cleaning, limit window cleaning frequency, and any other specification as per your requirements. At Arelli Cleaning, we offer our clients customized packages for commercial cleaning. After carefully analyzing the client’s budget and cleaning specifications, we design a budget that best matches with our client’s requirements. Money saved is money earned. Limiting cleaning budget is a healthy way to reduce operational costs and increase business profitability. Follow the tips and also analyze the situations in your own office to come up with your own ideas to reduce your office cleaning expense.

Go Green When Hiring Office Cleaning Service

Why Corporates are Choosing Green Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning

Simple cleaning is not enough these days. The emphasis today is on adopting green cleaning methodologies. Green cleaning means your cleaning efforts while being effective in your target area will not harm the environment. Sustainable cleaning is being adopted by reputed janitorial service providers and is being gladly adopted by corporates. As the environmental concerns are rising, corporates are happily hiring green cleaning services. This helps them do away with the guilt of harming the environment, create a positive impression, and safeguard the health of the employees. Let us elaborate more on green cleaning and the many benefits it offers.

What is meant by Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning entails an environmentally friendly way of cleaning which avoids the use of harsh chemical substances or cleaning solutions that may contain potentially dangerous chemicals. Cleaning methods adopted should also be safe and eco-friendly. Green cleaning solutions do not in any way harm the environment or the employees working in the organization. However, green cleaning does not mean you will have to bear a slouchy cleaning. Green cleaning products offered by reputed companies are of excellent quality and are efficient in cleaning while being devoid of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

1) Improved Indoor Air Quality

Typically, products used by office cleaning services contain harmful chemicals. Your office may appear clean, but the chemicals used adversely impact the indoor air quality. By adopting green cleaning products, you can ensure improved air quality in your office premises.

2) Better Health of Your Employees

Chemical-laced cleaning solutions can lead to a number of health issues among your employees. Depending on the type of workplace and the number of hours your employee spends in such an environment, they could potentially suffer from allergies, headaches, skin and lung problems or irritation of the eyes. By choosing green office cleaning services, you are ensuring a better indoor environment. This helps reduce the chances of allergies and sickness in your employees.

3) Improved Productivity and Greater Profitability

Because of better indoor air, your staff does not fall sick so often and instead feel more energized. The productivity of your staff increases which positively impacts your business profitability. Your clients and visitors will also feel nice when visiting your premises. They will feel good about your business and be more keen on maintaining business relations with your company.

Why Choose Arelli Cleaning?

At Arelli Cleaning, we have gladly adopted green cleaning solutions, equipment, and methods. When cleaning your office, our aim is to completely remove dust and bacteria from the environment and not just move them around. Our green cleaning equipment like micro-filtered vacuum cleaners and micro-fiber dust mops trap even the microscopic dust and other material and ensure a cleaner and safer environment.

We make use of certified green cleaning solutions and thus reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Our cleaning staff is regularly trained to adopt green cleaning standards. They will not overuse disinfectants so that it does not pollute the environment. They will only use them when and where required. This ensures that your office remains germ-free while maintaining suitable indoor air quality.

Green office cleaning does not mean increasing your cleaning budget. At Arelli Cleaning, we provide deep cleaning at reasonable rates and ensure your office look spruced up at all times. We also ensure our cleaning process does not disturb your office routine or cause a burden on your pocket. Call us to know more about our green cleaning process or to schedule a free sample cleaning for your office.

Why Office Cleaning Needs to Become More Robust and Frequent During Winters?

Winter Office Cleaning

Winter means snow and also the onset of flu season for most people in Canada. The task of keeping your office hygienically clean becomes a daunting one in this season. The rock salt that is liberally sprinkled on roads to cut through ice and snow and to prevent instances of sliding, hangs on the boots and is transferred indoors to carpets and floors. This particular reason makes office cleaning quite challenging. However, there are many more compelling reasons that call for frequent and thorough office cleaning. Hence, winter office cleaning is best left to professionals such as Arelli Cleaning that are well-versed in the nuances of office cleaning and know how to keep infections at bay in shared spaces.

Guide to Winter Office Cleaning

1) Keeping Floors and Carpets Clean

Dust, salt, and moisture all come in along with the boots on to the flooring. If you have carpeted floors in the office,keeping them clean is an arduous taskthat must be handed over to professionals. Especially, the entryway rugs and mats are a challenge to clean as they capture most snow and slush that gets along with the boots.

To lessen the burden of cleaning the floors keep entrance mats and have them cleaned frequently. And, to keep the floor clean, it is important to increase the sweeping and mopping frequency. If your office has carpeted floors, they would require steam cleaning more frequently and shampoo occasionally.It is important to know that if the salt and dirt are allowed to stay on your carpet fiber for longer they will break down the fiber causing irreparable damage to your carpet. Investing in professional office cleaning service is a less expensive proposition as it helps you save on the cost of replacing the carpet.

2) Keeping Windows Clean

Heavy precipitation during winters causes windows and glass doors to spot. When the spots combine with cold air, it leads to condensation buildup. Besides, the debris and snow leave a layer of grime on the window glass. This hampers the look of the doors and windows, prevent the sunlight from coming in, and also contribute to mold proliferation. Hence, it is crucial to frequently clean the windows and doors during winters. Your indoors will shine because of the sunlight permeating in and keep your employees in a happier mood.

3) Keeping Office Space Sanitized

Fall and winter season marks the onset of flu as the weather is conducive for the spread of cold and flu viruses and also because people spend more time indoors. To keep your employees healthy during winters, it is important to keep the workplace sanitized. Encourage employees to keep using hand sanitizers and tissues. Reputed office cleaning companies understand the importance of keeping shared spaces sanitized. At Arelli Cleaning, our cleaning professionals will frequently sanitize printers, staplers, door knobs and handlesand all such shared objects and equipment to prevent the spread of infections.

4) Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

Keeping the office impressively clean and hygienic in snowy winter months is no easy task. Instead of stressing and worrying over office looking shabby or employees falling ill, it is best to hire a professional office cleaning agency that is familiar with the ins and outs of the office cleaning. At Arelli Cleaning, we have years of experience in office cleaning. We perform carpet and rug cleaning, doors and window cleaning, disinfecting and dusting services, HVAC cleaning for office cleaning with efficiency. We also offer tips to keep the office clean between spruced up sessions so your office looks sprucedup at all times.

Call Us

Get in touch with Arelli Cleaning to know more about our winter office cleaning packages. Our rates are reasonable and we also offer to create customized packages so you can have the cleaning scheduled as per your convenience and budget.

6 Ways Your Workplace Benefits from Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Toronto

If you run a small business you may feel you feel that commercial cleaning is an unnecessary expense and your company would benefit more without it. On the contrary, professional office cleaning helps you save more money as apart from keeping the office clean, it helps improve employee productivity and also business profits.

Here we discuss six key benefits that Arelli commercial cleaning offers your organization.

1. Create a Positive First Impression

When your clients, suppliers, or prospects visit your office, creating a positive first impression is crucial. A dirty and unkempt office can be a huge turn off for them as it will reflect upon your them that you don’t care about your business premises. They will hesitate about initiating or continuing business relations with you. However, with regular professional office cleaning, you can always maintain your office in great shape and thus create a positive image of your workplace among your visitors the moment they step inside.

2. Improve Employee Motivation

When you opt for professional office cleaning, your employees will feel happy to come to work. A clean and hygienic office create the right vibes helping your employees to stay fresh the whole day. This will also help them not feel stressed about cleaning their desk and concentrate better on their work.

3. Fewer Employee Sick Days

A dirty and unhygienic workplace means more chances of employees falling ill. However, when you collaborate with professional office cleaning services such as Arelli Cleaning, you can rest assured that your office will be thoroughly and hygienically cleaned.

At Arelli Cleaning, we sanitize all equipment, keyboards, door knobs, chairs, and other furniture thoroughly this helps to minimize the chances of your employees falling ill and taking sick leave. As a result, you will always be in a position to meet client deadlines and maintain a professional image of your organization.

4. Better Employee Satisfaction

Employees spend long hours at their workplace and if the office is dirty, they will be unhappy and disgruntled as they will hate coming to a dirty workplace. However, if you opt for commercial cleaning, your employee satisfaction will be sky high.

Research has shown that employees are more happy and satisfied when they work in a clean place. So, by choosing a trustworthy office cleaning service you can rest assured knowing that you will not lose your talented and trained personnel due to a dirty and dusty office.

5. Maintain a Good Looking Office

It will be a matter of pride to have an office that is beautiful and clean inside and outside. At Arelli Cleaning, we ensure that every nook and crevices of your office are thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning crew will also clean the windows to allow sunlight to filter in and ensure your employees get a clear view of the outdoors. These help employees relax and become more productive.

6. Get More Business

When you have a healthy, productive, and satisfied workforce, you will be able to deliver more and better work. Your company’s image will be improved and you will get more business and with the right confidence in place, you can grow your operations. As a result, you will generate more revenue and profit that you can put back into your business and help it expand.

Call Arelli Cleaning!

Regular Commercial cleaning serves more benefits for businesses than what is understood in the first glance. Get in touch with Arelli Cleaning today to find out more about our office cleaning service process and packages. Our polite and understanding staff will work out a package that best suits your business needs and is well within your budget.

Keep your Staff Safe from Flu and Other Infections with Professional Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Toronto

Flu and infections are inevitable; as an employer, finding suitable strategies to avoid or minimize them will go a long way in enhancing the productivity of the company and of the industry overall.

One employee falling ill often translates to a bunch of others contracting the infection and a pile of sick leave applications as a result. Even if your employees follow exemplary hygiene habits, germs find their ways to surfaces in the office like desks, computers, door handles, stationery, and most importantly the air.

To make sure you eliminate these sources of infection transmission, you must pay close attention to the cleanliness in the office; merely maintaining a superficially clean and tidy look does not suffice. What offices truly need is regular professional cleaning and sanitization. This may seem like a bit obsessive to some, but take our word on it, you will notice a marked difference in the number of cases of sickness due to infections after you start following this practice.

The Basic Steps of Deep Cleaning in Offices

Deep cleaning must cover all possible sources of infection in the office. An experienced office cleaning company in Toronto like Arelli Cleaning ensures that all the steps are carefully and thoroughly followed. At Arelli Cleaning, we have hundreds of offices under our care when it comes to professional cleaning and sanitization.

Here is a broad list of processes we follow.

1) Vacuuming

You may think of vacuum cleaning as a very everyday cleaning process that all services follow. But did you know that vacuuming, in turn, can also perpetrate microbe growth on various surfaces? Sounds shocking indeed. How this happens is, vacuum cleaners get dirty over time and even though they continue to perform the function of removing dust and grime, the unclean parts of the machines may leave behind a whole lot of germs.

You need an office cleaning professional who understands these nuances and takes perfect care to clean the cleaning equipment regularly. At Arelli Cleaning, we do just that. No matter how much our workload is, we ensure we do a most sincere job for each of our clients. Our staff will never use an unclean vacuum cleaner to do your office.

2) Disinfecting Surfaces

Disinfecting is a powerful way of killing germs wherever they may be present. The answer to how effective it will be in preventing diseases lies in how comprehensively you recognize the objects that require disinfecting. While most ordinary office cleaners may content with disinfecting tabletops, shelves, doors, and windows, the best ones will know that laptops, phones, printers, elevator buttons and chairs are high-risk spots that definitely ought to be under the disinfectant regularly.

3) Dusting

Periodically and consistently dusting the entire office is one of the best ways to keep the indoor air clean. Dust collecting in corners is not just an eyesore but also leads to a substantial deterioration of air quality in the office. So, create a good impression for your customers and keep the air breathable for everyone in the office by a regular dusting of the place.

4) Sanitization of Bathrooms

Bathrooms are always a ripe spot for catching an infection. You must invest in an office janitor service that keeps them spick and span at all times. Sanitization should be done not just on toilet seats, urinals, and washbasins but also on doorknobs, mirrors, taps, and partitions. Doing so will substantially cut down the risk of transmitting and contracting viruses.

As an employer or a manager, you can achieve a much higher productivity by investing in proper cleaning rituals week after week. Call Arelli Cleaning now to make your office a healthy haven!

Why Does Your Oakville Office Need a Professional Janitorial Service like Arelli?

In case you’re thinking of replacing your current janitorial service company because of their smugness or absence of finish, it’s a great opportunity to run with the group that knows and ensures that the work is not complete until done well. At Arelli Commercial Cleaning Oakville, we have the attitude, and the skills to provide outstanding results with a meticulous approach to any type of office or commercial cleaning. We are devoted to giving just the most astounding measures of janitorial and professional cleaning services for our commercial clients.

Advantages of a Professionally Cleaned Workplace

Janitorial Services Oakville

A charming workplace makes upbeat employees and improves work environment efficiency. High caliber and expert office cleaning with sterilization of surfaces keep the workplace condition spotless and solid. There will be fewer sicknesses, the employees feel much more productive, and your organization will profit.

While it is enticing to have office staff be mindful of keeping the workplace clean, it frequently brings about low staff assurance from those being made to clean the workplace. It may seem like a cost-effective measure, but it ends up being a bigger toll on the company. It is better to have your employees focus their time on work-related issues. Your staff joined your organization since they are enthusiastic about the work that you do – leave the professional office cleaning to us and let your representatives’ center around what they care about.

Hire one of the Best Janitorial Services in Oakville!

When you get your workplaces cleaned, you need to realize that you need to get your money’s worth. Arelli Cleaning office janitors in Oakville are the best you can get. The experts that provide office cleaning facilities are reviewed and confirmed so you can rest guaranteed that you’re not permitting a total outsider into your work environment. Each cleaning technician at Arelli Cleaning is appraised and checked on by all their past customers, so you can see whether they have a background marked by magnificence.

Our Commercial Janitorial Services:

We provide an array of commercial janitorial services in Oakville to tend to every cleaning need. We offer the following quality services to ensure that your office is left spotlessly clean:

  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Vacuum all carpeted flooring
  • Clean all vents
  • Wooden floor mopping
  • Cleaning all glasses and window panes
  • Wet and dry mopping of floors
  • Dusting and spotting of furniture
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Dust all surfaces to reduce chances of germs and bacteria related sickness
  • Wipe away fingerprints and smudges on door handles and light switches
  • Clean all cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and workstations
  • Cleaning of the pantry area
  • Complete cleaning of washrooms

Contact Arelli Janitorial Service Oakville Today!

Arelli Cleaning strives to be one of the best janitorial services Oakville has to offer. It ensures budget-friendly and economical cleaning services to offices and commercial buildings in Oakville. If your association feels like it’s not getting efficient and effective office cleaning services or the best cleaning rates, give us a call at (905) 553-6545 and let us set up a janitorial service proposal for you. If you are doing it without anyone else’s help, it is time to hire us and let your staff focus on their core expertise.

Regardless of whether you are a small office, you too need to access the top janitorial and office cleaning services that significantly bigger firms utilize. In case you require point by point cleaning administration or weekly tidying, wiping and vacuuming, our commercial janitorial services in Oakville will ensure it’s done well and at the ideal cost.

What to Look for When Hiring Janitorial Services in Burlington

You need to have a well-maintained and clean workplace at all times. After all, it enhances the image and reputation of the company, puts a favorable impression on your clients and customers alike, and maximizes output and competence in your organization. In addition to this, there are also several health advantages that employees benefit from when working in a clean and spotless work environment. Germs and infections have a knack for creeping up from out of the blue and the last thing you want is seeing your employees falling sick.

During these times, janitorial services in Burlington come as a blessing. This is because they make sure that your employees, as well as the clients, are at peace knowing that they are heading to a spick and span work setup. Here, at Arelli Cleaning, we ensure you enjoy this and more in a seamless and meticulous manner. Here is what you have to look for when hiring office janitor services in Burlington.

Janitorial Services Burlington

They need to be accessible

When choosing professionals who offer janitorial services, it is important to make certain they are available at a time that is convenient for you. Discuss their scheduling and availability so that their cleaning services do not cause any hindrance to the workflow of your employees. If you do not like people cleaning in the office during the day, you can always ask whether they are willing to come in the evening. Make sure all these areas are covered and sorted before coming to a suitable conclusion.

Check out your budget

Think about the budget when selecting commercial janitorial services in Burlington. Understand your needs and requirements well and confirm whether you can negotiate a budget based on your wants. Be sure to find a service that offers you the best of both worlds that is exceptional cleaning as well as a reasonable price. Remember, there are companies that offer sloppy, casual cleaning for a price that is cheap on your budget. Make certain you find a service that falls within your budget range without compromising on the quality of the job a hand.

Check out the services offered

Look for a cleaning company that offers you a variety of janitorial services and facilities. Professionals who offer you a range of services that cater seamlessly to all of your workplace needs and wants is imperative. Finding professionals who offer you an all-in-one service helps you cut down on your costs to a certain extent.

Get in touch with Arelli Cleaning for Professional Janitor Services in Burlington

Quality and superior customer service need to be at a top priority always and at Arelli Cleaning, you obtain just that. With us, you obtain excellent janitor services in Burlington from skilled and experienced professional cleaners.

Our talented professionals make sure you’ll always get the cleaning you need. We deal with every nook and cranny in a precise manner and schedule regular on-site quality control visits, as well as conduct, follow up calls. This ensures any potential problem is handled before it can reach the surface. You can get in touch with us whenever you want quality and spotless janitor services in Burlington.

Office/Commercial Janitorial Services in Cambridge

Our cleaning professionals at Arelli Cleaning understand that there is a huge difference when it comes to house cleaning and office cleaning. So naturally, the rules you apply when it comes to cleaning your residence is very different from the ones you use when looking after your commercial space. Owing to this, there are many myths surrounding janitorial services in Cambridge. Here are a few of them and how different they are from the actual facts.

Myth: Professional janitor services in Cambridge is not essentialJanitorial Services Cambridge

Fact: Many offices and commercial setups are of the belief that spending money on cleaning is a complete waste. However, dirty and unkempt offices give an unfavorable impression to clients and customers alike. In addition to this, it becomes difficult for employees to work to their optimum capacity. Office spaces serve as perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes putting employees at risk to a variety of diseases and illnesses. This can eventually cost you a lot in terms of productivity. It is better to invest in proper office cleaning from the start rather than regret not doing it later.

Myth: Bleaching is the best alternative for janitorial services in Cambridge

Fact: People consider bleaching to be the best when it comes to doing away with moss, lichens and other microorganisms. However, bleaching is not an all-in-one multipurpose cleaning solution. On the contrary, it is not powerful enough to tackle dirt and germs and if used on a constant basis, can cause harmful chemical reactions. There is a multitude of cleaning solutions available in the market for good reason. Good janitor services in Cambridge such as Arelli Cleaning knows the kind of cleaning solutions required to make your workplace spotless and germ-free.

Myth: I can do the cleaning myself

Fact: One person cannot handle all of the cleaning processes in an office while simultaneously handle other work-related tasks. There are a number of commercial business owners who believe that commercial cleaning services are superfluous. They believe that their employees can conduct these processes without any problem. Your employees cannot be taking out the trash or dusting out office items in their free personal time. Hiring us for your commercial janitorial services in Cambridge ensures you get the best office cleaning services for the most convenient of costs.

Myth: Carpets do not need regular cleaning

Fact: You can easily spot many old looking and worn out carpets in offices. This happens because the carpets are not looked after and cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets collect dust and dirt immediately so cleaning them once in a blue moon is not advisable at all. It is essential that you clean your carpets at least twice or thrice a week rather than after 45 days or never.

Contact us at Arelli Cleaning for Office Janitor Services in Cambridge

We offer professional, reliable, and affordable office janitor services in Cambridge for all of your office cleaning requirements. You can trust us to offer impeccable and quality results at all times. Our experienced crew conducts regular follow-ups and on-site quality control visits to ensure all kinds of existing and potential issues regarding workspace cleaning are handled in a successful and thorough manner.