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Cleaner Offices: A Key To A Happy Workplace

Commercial Cleaning TorontoYou might think the only way to make your staff happier is by giving them a hefty raise or promotion. But it turns out if you want your employees to be more content, then hiring janitorial services in Mississauga can go a long way.

It has been shown that keeping your workplace clean and tidy with help from janitorial cleaning services not only boosts productivity but also helps maintain health and increases morale.

Helping Staff Get Things Done

If your staff has to constantly sift through piles of paper to find an important document, it’s going to cause some frustration.

But using janitorial services in Mississauga not only increases staff happiness while they’re working – it can also improve their experience overall. For example, no one wants to eat their lunch in a cluttered and dirty kitchen or use a filthy bathroom.

If you’re not taking care of these details with janitorial cleaning services, then your staff might be forced to tackle the cleaning themselves, which will detract from their regular tasks and make them feel undervalued.

Less Chance of Getting Sick

Another important reason to use commercial janitorial services is that disinfecting surfaces that can carry harmful germs will reduce the chance of your employees coming down with an illness.

Offices that aren’t regularly maintained could be harbouring bacteria and viruses that can lead to employees calling in sick – or working through it, impacting their own productivity and those around them.

Take Pride In Your Office And Your Staff Will Follow

Imagine the toll it takes on staff if they walk into a gloomy, dirty and messy work environment every morning. When they see that the office cleaning has been neglected, they may tend to think that they’re being neglected as well.

By having a regular schedule for commercial janitorial services, you will create a less cluttered and potentially unhealthy work area. But perhaps more importantly, your staff will see that as a sign that you take pride in the business, and those who help you succeed.

As you can see, there are more than one way that keeping your office clean can put a smile on your staff’s faces. A happier staff will be more likely to go the extra mile, and they’re less likely to become ill from dirt and grime as well as foul scents and poor indoor air quality.

Learn more about how janitorial services in Mississauga can help bring your staff’s happiness to the next level from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

A Clean Office Can Help Achieve Improved Employee Productivity

commercial cleaning services
What does a clean office and productive employees have in common? Perhaps more than you think.

Keeping your workplace tidy with help from office cleaning services in Mississauga is important for a number of reasons, including making a better impression on clients. But what you might not know is that office cleaning actually has been shown to have a positive effect on how well your staff performs.

But how?

There are several ways that a clean and organized office space can dictate how well your employees complete tasks. Here are a few of them:

Removing Distractions

Studies suggest that clutter can provide a distraction that draws people away from the job they’re doing, meaning they’ll get less done than someone in an organized space. It has also been associated with higher levels of stress.

Cleaning will allow employees to be more motivated to get things done, and also free up space to think outside the box and be more creative with ideas. Stress and distractions do not often foster innovation or creative solutions.

Controlling Germs

Aside from that, there’s also the possibly more obvious reason to bring in office cleaning companies – to keep your space healthy. Germs can populate hard surfaces as well as kitchens and bathrooms, which can lead to illness that means staff is calling in sick more often. An estimated $3.5 billion is lost every year in the public sector as a result of employees calling in sick.

Benefit to Staff and Clients

It’s also a sign of respect for your staff and clients – it shows you care about the conditions they’re working in. People are more likely to take pride in the workspace and treat it with respect when you put effort in to keep it fresh with office cleaning. This increases employee happiness, and also contributes to a more-stress free environment.

They’ll also likely be more motivated to come into work ready to go every morning when they know they’re not walking into a cluttered and dirty space.

The bottom line is that using office cleaning services in Mississauga to maintain a clean work area will not only benefit your staff, but also your customers. Because of the increased productivity in your office, customers will get what they paid for in a more timely fashion, and possibly at a higher quality as well.

Find out more about how office cleaning can take your employees’ productivity to the next level from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

Unfollow These Janitorial Cleaning Myths For A Better Environment

commercial cleaning servicesWhat are the first things that come to your mind when you think about commercial janitorial services? You might be surprised to learn that some of the assumptions you’ve made about cleaning need to be swept away.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use commercial cleaning services that take the guesswork out of cleaning effectively. But in the meantime, let’s scrub down to the truth about janitorial cleaning services and why your business can benefit from them. Here are some common myths about the industry…

Cleaning and Disinfecting Are The Same

While a company may use one type of cleaner for both cleaning and disinfecting, you should know this is not a one-step process. First, all of the surface dirt and debris needs to be removed with the cleaning product, and then another layer can be added and left in place for a while to kill all of the germs that can lead to illness.

Cleaning Requires Harsh Chemicals

Not true! In fact, the rise of green cleaning that’s offered by some commercial cleaning services means that more environmentally-friendly cleaners are being used to achieve the same results as traditional ones.

Your staff likely won’t complain as much about green cleaning as the harsh scent left behind by some bleaches. Many of these “green” products are certified to be safe, and you can see that on the label.

It Takes A Lot of Cleaning Product To Be Effective

In some cases, maybe. But generally, a company that has experience delivering commercial janitorial services knows that it’s about using the right amount of cleaner – not as much as possible – to be effective.

Not only can overusing certain chemicals leave behind an unpleasant odour, but it can also leave residue that can actually become a home for dirt and germs. The problem is when you wipe away the residue, you’ll have to add more cleaner. So it’s best to use professional commercial cleaning services to gauge how much to use.

No Visible Dirt Means It’s Clean

You may do a quick scan of your work surfaces and decide it’s not time for commercial janitorial services because it looks clear. But there are many signs that you need cleaning now that could turn up under the right lighting and microorganism testing. Don’t assume because you can’t see the dirt, it’s not there – it’s just not always visible to the naked eye.

Learn more about why you should consider commercial cleaning services for your office from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

How To Prepare Your Building For Winter

Office/Commercial Cleaning Services Vaughan, Greater Toronto AreaWinter is coming.

And for business owners, that means it’s time to prepare your commercial space for the long and cold season with the help of office cleaning companies.

Doing the work before the snow starts to fly can lessen your burden. It can also help avoid any potential problems that can become more costly as the thermometer drops. Here are some tips on how to get ahead of Jack Frost.

Clean Your Gutters

Unless you have a gutter guard on your eavestroughs (if you don’t, you might want to consider it), then your eavestroughs may fill up from foliage falling from nearby trees. Unless you enjoy climbing tall ladders, then office cleaning services might be a better option.

Clogged clutters can back up water and then freeze, putting strain on the eavestroughs that can potentially tear off the side of the building. This is also a good time to ensure your gutters are carrying moisture away from the building rather than to its foundation.

Check Seals Around Windows

Windows are one of the culprits for heat and energy loss, which can drive up your utility bills during the colder months. Closely inspect the seals around windows to make sure they don’t show signs of deterioration that can open the window to cold outside air.

Have Your Fireplace and Chimney Inspected

If your building has a fireplace, then you should have it cleaned annually before regular use to avoid any hazards including fires or carbon monoxide leaks from built up creosote or blockages. Even if you don’t have a wood-burning unit, you should also have any chimney flues or vents checked as well.

Keep in mind that you may void the warranty from some manufacturers of fireplaces and chimney liners if you don’t have proof of regular maintenance.

Put Down Mats at Entrances

In an office environment, there are many people coming in and out of your building – which means they’re also tracking in salt and grime with them that can deteriorate floors. Put down mats outside the door as well as sufficiently sized ones inside to allow people to wipe down their boots before trudging into the main areas.

Looking up “office cleaning services near me” can help you establish a schedule of cleaning hard floors and carpeting to ensure they remain in good shape year-round.

Learn more about how office cleaning companies can keep your building clean and fresh even in the coldest months from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

How To Deal With Sick Building Syndrome

Winter Office CleaningIf you’re hearing more coughing than usual at the office or there have been more people absent than usual, then you may be dealing with sick building syndrome that commercial cleaning companies are very familiar with.

While you might not think the indoor environment may be contributing to these ailments, think again. Stale and contaminated air as well as dirty ventilation can spread illnesses throughout the building, meaning you’ll have to address the problem as an employer or lose productivity.

You may even face penalties, as maintaining the health of the work environment is part of the Canadian Labour Code.

Hire An Experienced Cleaning Services Company

In order to tackle the problem quickly, you should look at commercial office cleaning services that specializing in sanitizing office environments. Choose one that uses a green approach to cleaning products, so you don’t add irritants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the air.

Check the HVAC Equipment

Once you have the immediate cleaning needs undo control thanks to a cleaning services company, there are steps you can take to prevent the problem from happening again the future.

Have a professional inspect your heating and air conditioning units to make sure they are working efficiently. Also be sure to check out the ventilation system to ensure it’s not accumulating dirt or mold.

Make Sure There Aren’t Outside Contaminants

While you’re checking to make sure your indoor ventilation system isn’t the issue, you should also consider what pollutants might be seeping into your building from the outside. For example, there could be poor seals on windows letting in cigarette or car exhaust fumes or pollution from area industrial activities.

Upgrade The Lighting

While sickness could be occurring from impurities circulating in the air, it could also be from the lighting itself. Offices that use florescent tube lighting often experience flickering, which can cause headaches among staff. Inadequate lighting can also cause strain and lead to feelings of being unwell.

Address The Problem Quickly

Remember, it’s actually the responsibility of the employer to ensure your staff’s health and safety, so it’s not a good idea to ignore complaints about illness or signs of uncleanliness in the office. Not only can partnering with commercial cleaning companies help avoid being investigated for a potentially unsafe workplace – it’s also the right thing to do for your staff!

Find out more about using commercial office cleaning as a solution from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

Why You Should Choose Commercial Green Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning TorontoIs it possible for commercial cleaning services in Mississauga to use products and practices that are environmentally friendly while also achieving a high level of cleanliness? The short answer is: yes.

The use of cleaning products and equipment shouldn’t compromise the health of your staff and your clients, which is why green cleaning is important. Read on to find out more about the green benefits offered by some commercial cleaners in Mississauga.

What is Green Cleaning?

While it sounds like a service that focuses on your lawn, it refers to environmentally friendly office cleaning in Mississauga that takes the impact of the indoor products it uses into consideration. Sure, it’s important to protect plants from harmful chemicals in your garden, but it’s also just as important to keep them out of the work environment.

The trouble with powerful chemicals that are often used for indoor cleaning jobs is that the fumes have a limited space to escape, and can be circulated through the building’s ventilation system. The constant scent or harmful contents of these kinds of cleaners can actually make your employees feel ill, which isn’t going to do much good for productivity.

Green cleaning specifically aims to achieve germ-killing results using products that aren’t harmful to people. These products are often certified green, meaning they have been tested to be safe.

Why Make The Switch?

There are many more green cleaning products on the market than there were in the past, when green cleaning was more of a niche offering. But thanks to advancements in green technology, a variety of commercial cleaning services in Mississauga now offer the option of replacing traditional cleaners with greener ones.

The cost is another consideration. Whereas in the past it might have been unaffordable to hire a “green” company to do all of your cleaning, now it’s more cost-effective as the products are more readily available. Many cleaning companies have seen the benefits for their clients and have added the service offering.

The bottom line is that using green cleaning is friendlier to the occupants of the building, which means potentially boosted productivity, fewer sick days, and a better bottom line for the company.

Going greener has benefits for both the company and the people using the office. Find out more about the reasons to choose green cleaning from commercial cleaning services in Mississauga from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

The Most Effective Ways To Spruce Up The Office

Office Carpet Cleaning BramptonProper office cleaning services can have a big impact on the way existing and potential customers see your business, not to mention the potential health benefits. And it doesn’t need to be complicated.

That being said, not all professional cleaning services are the same – they make take a different approach to ensuring your space is spotless. But how do you know which method is the best one? Let’s examine the best ways to clean an office space that make an immediate impact, which can help you better choose when you’re searching for “office cleaning services near me”.

Clean The Lobby

The lobby is the gateway for clients and potential clients, so spending some time getting it in order can make a much better first impression. After all, imagine if you walked into a place of business and were met with grimy carpets and stains on surfaces – not ideal! A thorough cleaning of the lobby is a good way to set the stage for a positive interaction with a customer.

Purge Clutter

One thing you can start doing before the cleaners even arrive is to organize your papers and recycle the ones you don’t need. This will reduce the visible clutter, as well as make it a lot easier for your staff to find important documents they do need.

A regular system of purging papers when they’ve outlived their purpose can help you avoid this step altogether.

Clean The Workstations

Keyboards and desks can be home to many germs, so ensuring you hire professional cleaning services can help protect the health of your employees and potentially avoid downtime due to illness. Not only that, desktops can be dirty with fingerprints and food that’s unsightly not only to other staff, but to any potential clients that are passing through.

Any overflowing wastebaskets, wrappers and pop cans at workspaces should also be tossed to avoid attracting viruses and bacteria while providing more work area.

Get Rid of Dust Bunnies

These are like the tumbleweeds of the office world – they tend to gather underneath furniture and in the corners, and they don’t reflect a clean environment. Office cleaning services sometimes make a point of getting rid of them to provide an overall appearance of cleanliness – and doing so might also reduce allergens due to dust mites.

Making a big difference in the aesthetics and cleanliness in your office can be achieved in relatively little time when you deal with professional cleaning services. Find out more about all of the cleaning services available from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

How Office Cleanliness Improves Productivity

office-cleaning-torontoWhen it comes to making your office team more efficient, you might think it’s all about effective scheduling and assigning the right jobs to the right people. But what you may not have considered is that you can actually boost productivity by choosing the right cleaning services in Vaughan.

How do office cleaning services make your team more efficient? There are actually a number of ways a cleaner and tidier environment can achieve this. The first is by reducing the amount of surface and airborne contaminants that can trigger illnesses and allergies, leading to employees losing focus or calling in sick. Germs can hide anywhere from door handles to desktops, and computer keyboards have been shown to contain thousands of bacteria at any given time. Having office cleaning services in Vaughan that provide a thorough cleaning is therefore beneficial.

Secondly, studies have shown that having an indoor environment that’s cleaner and less cluttered can actually reduce stress. Having a chaotic office can actually raise levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, impacting your team’s ability to focus on their tasks. Also, by organizing documents and discarding ones that aren’t needed, it will take less time for employees to locate important information they need to complete a job.

The third way partnering with cleaning services in Vaughan can have a positive effect on productivity is by boosting employee morale. A study has shown that taking care of dirt and grime in the office can make raise satisfaction levels of staff, which in turn can make employees more productive. When you show your team that you care about the environment they work in, you might find they repay you with higher quality work that’s delivered on time.

There’s also a fourth way choosing office cleaning services can improve the output of your employees. Without a dedicated cleaning staff that tidies up your space on a set schedule, your employees may need to incorporate cleaning into their daily routine. This can take away time away from completing the tasks they were actually hired for. It could even create some resentment among employees for being asked to engage in activities outside of their job description.

Increased productivity can make a positive impact to your bottom line, which is a great reason to decide on office cleaning services in Vaughan. To find out more about the all of the benefits of choosing office cleaning services, contact Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

5 Benefits of Regular Office Cleaning

Commercial/Office Cleaning Vaughan - Vacuum CleanerWhen you’re running a business, the last thing on your mind should be sweeping, mopping, dusting and replenishing your bathroom supplies.

Office cleaning often gets put on the backburner when you have clients to meet with and deadlines to meet. However, there are at least five good reasons why you should consider getting your commercial office cleaning done regularly through reputable office cleaning companies.

1. Make a Better Impression on Customers

Just like people, appearances make a difference when it comes to making a positive first impression with your business. When clients see the way you maintain your facility as poorly done, they might assume the same about the products or service they will receive from you.

2. Cleaner Offices are Healthier Offices

Germs and allergens are hiding on surfaces and in the air, even when an office looks relatively clean at first glance. That puts your customers and clients at risk of contracting illnesses just by touching the wrong surfaces such as door handles. Commercial office cleaning that includes disinfecting surfaces is the best way to go to keep germs under control.

3. Save Money on Cleaning Equipment

If you decide to go in-house with your office cleaning, you not only have to pay a full-time salary but you also have to consider the costs of cleaning supplies and equipment as well as maintenance. With office cleaning companies you can decide how often you want cleaning depending on your budget and needs.

4. Better Employee Productivity

Your staff will more easily thrive in an environment that’s tidy (clutter has been shown to have negative effects on mental health), and they’ll be less distracted by unpleasant odours that can also trigger allergies. Keeping the office fresh and organized can help your employees focus on exceeding their goals.

5. Less Replacement of Carpeting and Furniture

Your company has likely invested significantly in carpeting and upholstered furniture for the office, but dirt and odours can bury themselves deep in the fabric without regular office cleaning. Maintaining carpets can ensure they don’t get stained beyond repair and require replacement, which is money that could be better spent elsewhere.

When you need professional commercial office cleaning, choose a company that has years of experience and a solid track record. Learn more about how Arelli Commercial Cleaning stands out from other office cleaning companies by visiting the website today.