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Deep cleaning
Arelli Reflects Opinion in the Toronto Star – My Grocery Store Did a Deep Cleaning After an Employee Tested Positive for COVID-19. What Does That Even Mean?

It’s a term that’s on the tip of many tongues — everywhere from hospitals to warehouses to grocery stores — as the province begins to take cautious steps towards reopening. Deep cleaning has become part of our new pandemic vocabulary along with terms like social distancing, self-isolation and community transmission. But what does it actually… continue reading.

Deep Disinfection and Sanitization

As the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, the need for commercial cleaning to help with sanitization and disinfection is higher than ever. That’s why Arelli Commercial Cleaning has gone the extra mile to make sure it plays its part to help combat this disease. Standard processes included in regular commercial cleaning is considered effective to… continue reading.

How Office Cleaning Can Enhance Your Business Value

You probably already know the benefits of janitorial services in Mississauga when it comes to keeping your office environment fresh and clean. But did you know that regular cleaning could also potentially benefit your bottom line? You might not think that spending money on a janitorial service in Mississauga can actually increase productivity or profits,… continue reading.